Chicken soup for the bladder

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why does my pee smell like chicken soup? This is the question I ask myself as I engage in my morning constitution. The most logical guess might be that I had eaten chicken soup recently and my body was at this moment processing it. The fact remains however, that the only animals I eat reside in the ocean and last I checked there is no such thing as an underwater chicken. I am not just talking about a slight whiff of weak broth here either, I am talking about full on super strength jewish grandma chicken soup smell.

Speaking of that, why is it that jewish chicken soup is so much more high octane than my catholic brethens weak ass counterpart? I grew up in a primarily jewish town so as a child I was confronted on a regular basis with the inadequecy of my peoples brew.  I have one particularly vivid memory involving a college classmate from my home town.  I found her sitting on the floor of her dorm room eating straight out of the pot of chicken soup between her legs.  Sick with a cold, she had returned from a visit to her grandmothers with this “jewish penecilin” and wasted no time diving in.  I could smell it out in the hall way and felt compelled to investigate.  It was the most amazing soup I had ever seen, with mysterious green leafy things swimming in it, pools of liquid fat glistening on the surface and entire chicken wings, bone and all.  I think I will remember that soup for as long as I live.

But I digress, back to my mysterious smelling urine.  The issue I wish to address however, is really less about my actual pee and more about my willingness to discuss it with other people in my life.  Or to write a blog about it for that matter.  I have found that I am so puzzled and concerned about this recent change in my bodily fluids that I have taken to bringing it up in conversation with family and friends.  At any time I might be given to asking my companion, “Hey, has your pee ever smelled like chicken soup?  What do you think thats all about?” The lack of helpful responses has not in anyway diminished my search for usable input.

I can’t help but wonder if this is just one more sign in a long list of indicators that I am indeed becoming old.  I may not look my age, I may be active and young at heart but the ugly truth remains; I am willing to discuss bodily functions and possible medical concerns with the public at large.  Heavy sigh.  I would like to discuss this at even greater length in an effort to possibly gain some insight but unfortuanately I must excuse myself; soups on!

  1. Donna Jean says:

    How odd you should mention this. I have always thought my sweat smelled like chicken soup. I haven’t asked anyone to confirm.

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